Implementation of the following initiatives during the last 12 months underscores our commitment to nurturing positive patient experiences and achieving not only clinical excellence but also the holistic well-being of our patients.

  • Developed Best-in-Class Patient Experience training for all of our patient care teams focusing on empathy, trust, engagement, empowerment, and expectation. This comprehensive training program recognises that infertility can be an extremely emotional experience.
  • Relocated clinics in Cremorne (Vic), Albury, Brisbane and Gold Coast bringing more services together and providing more people within the community access to best-in-class care while improving the overall experience.
  • Brisbane Integration and colocation of Monash IVF with Eve Health – this has given Eve Health and Monash IVF Group patients a one stop location which includes their clinician, IVF provider and Day Hospital.
  • Aligned sperm donor processes across the Group, and in Victoria, removed waiting times for sperm donors.
  • Developed a holistic education program for employers on how to support employees experiencing infertility.
  • Implemented a Group Nursing Advisory Committee and framework to drive quality improvements and consistency in the patient experience.
  • Refined the ultrasound appointment booking process by implementing a separate Phone Booking department across all sites.
  • Introduced a Nurse Educator role to enhance consistency of training and professional development of nurses.
  • Developed scripting for all critical points along the patient journey to ensure patient expectations are well managed through accurate and comprehensive communication.