From warm and welcoming reception areas to cutting-edge laboratories and state-of-the-art day hospital facilities, we have carefully designed and crafted these sites to ensure we remain at the forefront of reproductive healthcare.

Our flagship Sydney CBD clinic, which opened in November 2020, set high standards and the positive feedback we have received from patients and doctors alike gave us the confidence to move forward with similar projects in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

In September 2022 we opened our new full-service clinic in Penrith, further consolidating Monash IVF Group as the leading provider of fertility services in Greater Western Sydney.

In March , we opened the doors of our flagship Cremorne facility in central Melbourne, bringing together personnel from multiple sites and creating a collaborative workplace for our shared services staff, including our corporate, nursing, patient services, ultrasound, counselling and donor teams. By the end of 2023, this location will be transformed into a full-service reproductive healthcare facility, with the opening of a world-class laboratory and on-site day hospital.

Clinical Infrastructure

In June, our fertility doctors and other speciality surgeons moved into our new Gold Coast facility which is co-located with the Group’s owned Broadwater Day Hospital.

Stage one of our Brisbane transformation has been completed with a relocation to Spring Hill to be co-located with the recently acquired ART Associates and Brisbane Day Hospital. This development has enabled us to integrate ART Associates’ significant volumes.

Internationally in FY23, we successfully launched our new Bali Fertility Centre in the Kasi Ibu Hospital.

Our focus for FY24 will be to complete Stages 2 and 3 of the Brisbane transformation, open our Sunshine IVF unit in Victoria and renovate our recently acquired Perth clinic. We will continue to initiate projects in line with our Vision 2026 strategy, prioritising those with a significant return on investment.