In FY23, we welcomed a record 25 new doctors across Australia and South-East Asia, taking the total number of new clinicians joining us since FY19 to 61. Since FY19, there has been a net gain of 48% in new fertility specialists which has helped us to achieve our growth and succession planning objectives.

In FY23, the biggest rise in our doctor numbers came in Queensland, where 9 specialists joined Monash IVF Group through the acquisition and integration of ART Associates Queensland. The positive contribution of these highly engaged clinicians to the business has been above expectations. Cycle numbers have risen by 34% in Queensland in FY23.

Another highlight of FY23 has been our entry into the Western Australian market, making us the only fertility provider with a presence in every mainland capital city. The completion of our acquisition of PIVET Medical Centre in May 2023 added 7 new specialists to Monash IVF Group and has laid the foundation for future growth in market share in WA in partnership with our new Medical Director Dr Tamara Hunter.

We now have 137 clinicians in IVF and Women’s Ultrasound in Australia and an additional 16 partnerships with specialists in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Doctor engagement continues to be high with our Doctor Engagement Survey results showing continued year-on-year improvement, an outcome from our focused initiatives.

A key focus for the future is to continue to attract and partner with new and experienced fertility specialists with the right cultural fit, clinical competencies, and outstanding industry reputations to assist us deliver the highest quality best-in-class care and the highest possible success rates for our patients.

The key focus in the domestic business is to continue the momentum in recruiting the very best clinicians in New South Wales practicing in the world class treatment facilities as part of our Vision 2026 Strategy.

We’ve welcomed 25 new doctors across Australia & South-East Asia
in 2023